Talking Shed
Version 8

Version 8

April 18, 2022

After a longish hiatus (life being it's usual saucy mix self and getting in the way of everything) we are back for some more Sheddy goodness!!!!


We ramble on about our non existent Patreon account, the Easter Eggschange, Riley's uncanny ability to half finish everything and a myriad of other weird and wonderful things.


as usual shoutouts to our awesome sponsors Nordic Edge, Smokeyboiz, and Reclaim Creative

Don't forget to use "shed10" as your code to receive 10% off your reclaim creative purchases


and as always a massive thanks to Bobby Manila from Content Rocks for our awesome intro music



Version 7

Version 7

February 21, 2022

Talking Garage!!!!!

This episode features 2, that's right, 2 guests!!! 

As well as Riley dialling in from the middle of a cow paddock out in the countryside of NSW with the worlds worst microphone (SORRY IN ADVANCE KIDS)

This episode we spoke to Bobby Manila and David Cosma, 2 independent artists who have had very similar yet also very different paths through their musical journey.

We talk about everything from their early influences, to how they started making, how lockdown affected their lives and what they did to not just survive it but flourish 

Obviously, there is also the usual Riley bashing and me secretly trying out new replacement hosts


Please help support Aussie makers of all kinds and check these guys out


Bobby Manila


David Cosma

And as always, a massive shoutout to our sponsors Nordic Edge and Smokeyboiz



Version 6

Version 6

February 7, 2022

I am a maker.....?

Welcome back to the next episode of Talking Shed. This week Riley and I discuss just what exactly is a maker and how that terminology has really changed over time. We also chat all things Easter Eggschange as well as discuss the upcoming episode featuring 2 guests!!!!!

As always a huge thanks to Bobby Manila from Content Rocks for the intro music


Massive thanks to our 2, that's right, 2 sponsors!!!! we are blown away to have the support of 2 amazing and vastly different businesses for this crazy adventure we are on. Shoutouts to Bjorn and the Nordic Edge gang, and of course to Josh and the Smokeyboiz homies



Version 5

Version 5

January 24, 2022

....................And Marker!!


Welcome to episode 5 of Talking Shed. This week we are fortunate enough to be joined by the one and only Mr Phil Schinbein from Schinbein Drum Co. and Gradually Wizardly.

on this mega episode we chat about a lot of important issues, like train upholstery fashion, drums, little people, small chainsaws, living in the suburbs, many many nerd references, personal reviews of random humans and THE GOD DAMN BURGER SHOVEL.

We also make a mockery of geography and Phil makes way too many visual references.


Hope you kids enjoy this one as much as we did.


As usual a huge thank you to our sponsor Nordic Edge   and of course to the awesome Bobby Manila from Content Rocks for our theme music!!! check out his Spotify for royalty free music




Version 4

Version 4

January 8, 2022


After a small break over December we are back at it again. Hope we didn't keep you guys waiting too long!

On this episode Riley and I are catching up on what we got up to during our time away. We discuss the Maker Exchange, Covid, Weddings (and one of us forgetting we are getting married) as well as a breakdown of who we hope to get on the show this year.


As always I want to thank our amazing sponsor Nordic Edge for having faith in 2 schmucks like us and of course to the awesome Bobby Manila from Content Rocks for the kick arse intro music.


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Version 3

Version 3

November 29, 2021

On this fun fuelled episode we discuss how people get started on their making journey. Their processes on how the start their designs and builds etc.

Massive thank you to all you awesome listeners, we do this for fun but you guys make it more fun.

A huge thanks to our sponsor Nordic Edge for supporting this fledgling podcast. visit for all your maker needs.

Also a massive thank you to Bobby Manila from content rocks for the ass kicking intro music. Bobby has a load of music available for use royalty free. Check him out here :

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Talking Shed Version 2

Talking Shed Version 2

November 15, 2021

Absolute Tools!!!

This week we blabber on about Tools. Good, bad, regretful purchases and all that comes with it.


Once again a huge thanks to Bobby Manila from Content Rocks for the awesome intro music.

And of course our awesome sponsor Nordic Edge!!!



Talking Shed Version 1

Talking Shed Version 1

November 2, 2021

Welcome to Talking Shed!! This is our first episode (or version1 as we are makers) where we talk about how/why we got into making and what it means to us. Huge thank you to Bobby Manila from Content Rocks for the introduction music


and a huge thank you to our amazing Sponsor Nordic Edge. please go and check them out and use our special discount code TalkingShed10 for 10% off handle material, steel and knife making kits


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